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This property is privately owned and the management reserves the right to refuse admission to anyone. Rates are subject to change without notice. Charges are for the use of the assigned sites and campground facilities only. This accommodation is for vacation purposes only. The campground and its directors and designee assume no responsibility for loss through fire, theft collision, flood or act of God or otherwise to any recreational vehicle, tent or any other vehicle or otherwise, whether due to negligence or other. Use of the Campground and of the campground equipment and any adjacent privately owned lands for yourself, your family, your guests or any attendees is solely at your own risk and peril and subject to the campground rule, receipt of a true copy which is hereby acknowledged. Old Orchard Campground Ltd. and of its DBA and Rancho el Rio del Sol Farms Ltd. their employees, servants,agents,volunteers or directors shall be saved harmless from any claims whether in contract or tort, by or on behalf of all those admitted to the Campground pursuant to this agreement. All charges and taxes levied against the RV, its attendees, or the site or additional usages or charges shall be paid in full upon registration. The signatory, as signed on the registration form, represents and warrants that he/she is responsible for and is signing on behalf of his/her family, party, guests and any other person accessing the Campground or other with his/her permission or knowledge. Any violation of this agreement, the determination of which shall be at the sole discretion of the Campground operator, shall result in termination of this agreement, Upon termination, the user, his/her family and guests shall be deemed trespassers under the TRESPASS ACT Statute of British Columbia, and the operator is hereby appointed their respective agent for disconnecting services and removal of the agreement inclusive of this Campground and adjacent properties  as well as any usage fees are required prior to the use of the Campground by any party. The Campground is seasonal therefore usage is daily, weekly, monthly,seasonally. Any vehicles left after that time are subject to storage fees to be paid in advance or may be seized under the warehouse lien act. All guests are owners must ensure their property is fully and adequately insured at all times. Absolutely NO SUBLETTING of sites.



  • All guests acknowledge that children must be supervised AT ALL TIME and that there are NO LIFEGUARDS on site.

  • Vehicles must park within your own site, only one vehicle per site. Additional vehicles will be charged a daily rate and must park in assigned parking.

  • Guests MUST register and will be charged a daily fee. All guests must leave before 10PM

  • Speed limit within the Campground is 10km/hr for any vehicle or bicycle.

  • Wildlife is protected. Do not feed, catch or harm any wildlife.

  • Firearms, projectile and harmful weapons or hunting are not permitted in or around the campground or adjacent properties.

  • Fires are permitted only within the designated rings and must be wholly contained. Fires must be attended and extinguished after use. No fires on the beach.

  • Fireworks are prohibited by guests anywhere in the park or on surrounding lands or on dikes.

  • Food and trash must not be left out except for designated bins and/ or secure it within.

  • Noises that are loud or disturbing such as stereos, radios, generators, chainsaws etc. which can be heard beyond your assigned site are not permitted at any time.

  • No person shall disturb another between 10pm and 8am pursuant to District of Kent Noise By Law

  • Pets have a daily charge and must be under proper control and leashed at all times. Picking up after your pets is mandatory. Pit Bulls and vicious or noisy pets are not permitted.

  • No ATV's in the campground, Motorbikes or scooters are not to be ridden within the campground except to enter or leave.

  • No soliciting or any commercial or business activities without approval.

  • No damaging the trees, shrubs or vegetation or attaching or nailing to same.

  • No electrical hook up for conditioners, heaters, electric water heaters or similar electrical apparatus'. One plug per site.

  • Absolutely no trespassing on adjacent private properties.

  • Anyone defacing or abusing equipment of facilities belonging to the campground will be asked to leave the premises. The guests will be responsible for the pay for any and all damages to any property, buildings etc, caused by themselves, their children or their guests.

  • All hook ups must have approved sewer elbows or must purchased on site for use in the campground.



  • A three-night minimum booking is required for long weekends and two nights for regular weekends.

  • Check out time is 11am check in is 1pm

  • Site rates are for 2 adults and 2 children under 16. Additional rates apply for additional persons.

  • Outside fridge, freezer and hot tubs will be charged a daily fee.

  • Extra vehicles will be charged a daily fee

  • Tents are allowed as an add on for a $25 daily fee


  • Daily stays require a 2 week notice for a refund will be assessed one day administration fee.

  • Daily stays within 2 weeks but not within 48 hours will be issued a rain check good for the year it was booked in, subject to availability, and will be assessed less one day administration fee.

  • Daily stays within 48 hours will not be refunded.

  • Special Events & Long Weekends absolutely no refund or rain check for any reason.

  • Monthly absolutely no refund for any part of any month already paid for which a portion has already been used.

  • Weekly stays require a 2-week notice for a refund and a $30 cancellation fee will be applied.

  • 1-5 month stays require 1 month notice prior to arrival date for a refund of half the advance paid and a $25 cancellation fee.

  • 6 month plus stays require a 2 month notice prior to arrival for a refund of half the advance paid and a $25 cancellation fee..

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